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Survey Case Studies

(A) I was asked to survey an immaculate refurbished house completed to a high standard. The walls and skirting boards were damp; this could only be detected by use of a meter. It would be necessary to damp proof the walls, this would destroy the decorations.

(B) I was asked to report upon an old roof structure of a barn conversion. The Building Societiesí Valuer would not allow the mortgage advance to be released without a satisfactory report; I was able to give this, within four hours of being instructed.

(C) Whilst surveying a country cottage sale; I was surprised by the unusual layout with the hall and entrance on the opposite side to the drive and garage. Additional land to build the drive had been purchased from a farmer; but no Planning Permission obtained; rendering the house virtually unsalable.

(D) Another surveyor inspected a house for a purchaser; and said the roof tiles were uneven because of old age; I inspected and found that all of the roof tiles were insecure to one slope and were about to slip off at any time.

(E) A large historic building was being renovated and extended at a cost of £32 million plus. The roof was found to be leaking; I was asked to inspect and detail the work required. Due to the on-site Health and Safety rules I was not allowed on or in the roof; but had to view it off a 30m cherry-picker. I also had to provide scale drawings and a schedule.

(F) A mid terraced cottage had been renovated; my client wanted to buy it. The roof timbers were damp; and there were water droplets on the underside of the roof felt; this was due to an uncovered central heating expansion tank and a faulty system.

(G) I was asked to inspect a large a large terraced house, it had been extended and refurbished. The house appeared to be immaculate and was very attractive. I found that whilst a lot of money had been spent upon the property in fitting the new kitchen and bathrooms, the house needed re-roofing.