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Miscellaneous Case Studies

(A) Measured Survey Drawing - I was asked to survey and prepare scale drawings of a head office of a large multinational company, including the grounds, car park, out buildings and everything within the building (every desk, filing cabinet, even waste bins etc). Approximately 450 people worked in the office which operated 24 hours every day. They could not find anyone else to do the job. The job was completed.

(B) Defect Report on Brickwork - I was asked to inspect a converted coach house by a Mr M, as the brick work was crumbling, he wanted to know if it was serious, and what needed to be done. The property had a National House Builders Certificate or Warranty; the NHBC said the crumbling brick work was not covered by their warranty. A report was prepared and quotations obtained from a builder.

(C) Defect Report on Parapet Wall - A parapet wall between two flat garage roofs was badly frost damaged (spalled) and the flashings had come away. I inspected and recommended remedial work and got a quotation for the work.

(D) Flat Roofs To Dormer - A prospective house purchaser asked a roofing contractor to inspect the flat roofs and dormers to the front and rear of the house: the contractor said that the flat roofs need recovering, but he would not put this in writing. The purchaser did not know whether to believe the contractor, and asked me to give my opinion on the condition of the flat roof.

(E) Damp And Black Mould To Rented House - A tenant complained to his landlord that the house he rented with damp, and he was therefore leaving. I was asked to inspect and report; I've found that the damp and black mould was caused by condensation, caused by the tenant's lifestyle.

(F) The Owner Of The Garage Was Worried About Cracking To The Walls - I found that there were no lintels over the door openings, the brickwork had been built off the timber door frames, which had sagged causing the cracking.

(G) Cracking And Other Defects To A House - A house owner was about to put his house of the sale, but he's worried that cracking and other defects could cause the loss of the sale: he asked my advice as to the seriousness of the defectsand what should be done about them.

(H) Removal Of Cavity Wall Insulation - A house owner had lost the sale of his house, as the lenders valuer had said that it was not mortgagable, as it was of steel frame construction, and cavity wall insulation have been installed against recommended good practice. I arranged and supervise the removal of the Wall insulation, and prepared a report saying that had been done properly, the house was then sold.