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Current Jobs

(A) Planning for Change of Use of Petrol Station to Car Sales - The tenants of a petrol station have asked me to get Planning Permission for Change of Use to Car Sales; drawings have been produced and a Planning Application submitted.

(B) Expert Witness Report - A Surveyor missed a roof defect in his Home Buyers Report; the house owner has discovered that it needs re-roofing; he wanted an Expert Witness Report. The report has been prepared in draft.

(C) Planning Application for New Wall - Mrs J wants to replace her garden hedge and with a 2.2m wall fronting onto the road. The property is in a Conservation area. The wall will need Planning Permission; the area has been inspected and surveyed.

(D) House Extension on-site - I surveyed a link detached house for Mr C, it is where he wants to live but is too small. I have got Planning Permission and Building Regulation Approved to extend and alter the property. Work began at the beginning of the year.

(E) Compensation - United Utilities put in a new main sewer across my clients garden/drive; they will pay my fees to represent the owner in agreeing compensation. The work is ongoing.

(F) Purchase of Land - Miss W has a right of way across a drive to give access to her house; but does not own it. She asked me to value the land and put an offer to the owner. I found where the owner lived and put an offer in.

(G) New Conservatory Roof - I surveyed a house for a purchaser; he did not like the conservatory’s plastic roof; advised that Planning Permission and Building Regulation Permission will be required for a new tiled roof. The client wishes to retain the existing timber framed glazed walls, and solid floor. I advised the client that the existing walls and structure would not be adequate to support the new roof; I have designed a new roof with independent supports, and an application has been submitted for Planning Permission and Building Regulation approval.

(H) Matrimonial Valuation - I have been jointly instructed by two solicitors, to prepare a valuation of their clients matrimonial house, as they are getting divorced and need to split the value of the assets.

(I) Will and Deed Plan - An elderly lady owns a number of houses next to each other, she wants to leave individual houses to her children, and needed plans showing how the properties would be split, to send to the Land Registery.

(J) House Extension - A Planning Application was refused for a new extension under the 45º rule. I have advised that with some slight revision Planning Permission may not be required; awaiting instructions.

(K) Garage and Office - The application for Planning Permission for a large garage with office above was refused. I have recommended a revised scheme that will not require Planning Permission; awaiting instruction.