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Boundaries Case Studies

(A) Boundary Dispute - I was asked to give an opinion on the ownership of a hedge, the neighbour was not cutting it and it was overshadowing my clients lounge window. My client wanted to know if he or his neighbour owned the hedge. I found that my client owned the hedge and his neighbour’s front garden; my client removed the hedge and fenced of what he originally thought was his neighbour’s garden.

(B) Boundary Dispute - My clients neighbour asked if he could buy a part of the rear garden that his property backed on to. My client said no. My client was woken one morning to find contractors removing the trees and hedge between the two properties on his neighbour’s instructions. I was instructed to prepare an Expert Witness Report, giving my opinion as to the position of the boundary, and details of what hedges trees and fences had been removed; I was able to do this, my report was used in the court case.

(C) Boundary Dispute - My clients laid a new drive, his next door neighbour thought it had encroached on his land; he was correct; my client had to make good.

(D) Boundary Deed Plan - My client had sold a house that I got Planning Permission for, he needs the new boundaries pegging out and plans produced for the Land Registry. I was able to do this for him.

(E) New Boundary Fence - My client and recently purchased a bungalow, the fence between his property and next door was virtually non-existent, he wished to replace it. My client asked me to produce a drawing and report showing where the boundary position was, so he could agree with his next-door neighbour where the new fence should be placed.

(F) Neighbour Cut A New Gateway Into A Boundary Wall - My client, an elderly woman, was in hospital and unlikely to return to her home. Her next door neighbour realised that her house was likely to be sold, and that he could form a new Gateway through the boundary wall to give access to the rear of his house, without anyone knowing that he had done it. I was asked to inspect and prepare a drawing and report that was to be sent to the neighbour asking him to reinstate the wall.