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Architectural Case Studies

(A) Planning Permission for a new house in a Conservation Area - Mr S wanted to get Planning Permission for a new house on part of his garden, so he hired an Architect. The Application was refused. The architect appealed; the appeal was refused. Mr S asked an estate agent to value his property as the garden was too big. The agent recommended me. I submitted a Planning Application for a new house; it was approved. Below is the new house that was built.

(B) New Orangery - Mrs J wanted to open up her old former rectory to the extensive gardens, by building an extension with lots of glazing, that could be used throughout the year. The client wanted a tiled hipped roof and an oak frame. I designed the orangery below; the client is delighted with how it has improved the house.

(C) New house in Green Belt - Miss K purchase a Cheshire County Council small holding, including a dormer bungalow and barn. I designed a replacement house and obtained Planning Permission and Building Regulation Approval; approximately 70% bigger than the original. The house see below, has just been sold.

(D) Replacement House with Basement in Green Belt - Mr B purchased a derelict farm house with Planning Permission to extend. I managed to get Planning Permission for a much larger replacement house, in a better position on the plot, this is in the course of construction; see below. The house has a basement under the whole of its floor area.

(E) New Farm House in Greenbelt - I was successful in obtaining Planning Permission and Building Regulation Approval for a new agricultural workers dwelling; this is being built at the moment for Mr B.

(F) 42 Retirement Flats - One of the first Planning jobs that I did in Cheshire was to get Planning Permission for the demolition of one house and erection of 42 flats in a Conservation Area in Knutsford.

(G) Certificate of Lawfulness & Extension - Mr N had been left the family house and a ‘den’ in its garden, he wished to extend the ‘den’, live in it and let the house to get a rental income. Mr N asked me if I could get Planning Permission to extend the ‘den’ so that he could live in it. I said no as had no Planning Permission to use as a separate house and Planning Policy would not allow it. I said that it was a pity that it had not been lived in for 4 years; if it had I could get a Certificate of Lawfulness; and Planning Permission to extend. Mr N said that his father had been banished to the ‘den’ by his mother and said that his father had lived it it for more than 4 years. We were able to prove this by getting a declaration from a cleaner, the extension was built and Mr N moved in.

(H) Planning Permission for Scrap Yard - Mr S wanted to relocate his Vehicle Dismantling and Treatment Site, this is quite difficult as it is not a welcomed business by neighbours and is highly regulated; it is necessary to get a licence from the environment agency. I got Planning Permission and the necessary Certificate.

(I) Regularization Certificate - Mr K had added a bedroom in to his house loft; and to his extension; he also used his garage as an office for 7 people, without Planning Permission or Building Regulation Approval. He would only be able to advertise his house as a 2 bedroom house, when he came to sell, as he did not have permission for the other 2 bedrooms. We managed to get a Regularization Certificate for Building Regulations, and I did a report to say that the other works were Permitted Development for Planning Permission.